About Awakening America Ministry School (AAMS)

At AAMS we are looking to help students grow in knowledge, skills and character.
There are learning opportunities through teaching modules, home-study, practical workshops and hands-on ministry experience.


The cost of seminary education often exceeds $120,000. We aim to keep costs low so that, if possible, students can graduate debt-free. We encourage students to work and this is part of the reason why our Ministry School is part-time. The various training pathways have differing costs and these can be found in that section of the website.


Class time is part-time during the week (1 to 2 days/evenings) plus Sundays. In addition to this, there are home-study modules and hands-on ministry practicums. We encourage students to work to provide themselves an income and graduate debt-free. This also sets a good precedence for tent-making in future ministry.


In the Bible it seems that people grew in knowledge and in gifting through the local Church, as they worked together to see the Kingdom of God advance. It is the place where we can really know each other as family and where we are ministering together. AAMS is based in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Goleta, Santa Barbara, California.


We believe that Christians should be able to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus whatever their academic or educational background. At the same time we recognize that having some kind of formal training can be helpful in opening doors and opportunities for ministry.
We have a mix of ACADEMIC and NON-ACADEMIC training pathways.