Hi church family, here are a few news updates for December:


December 2nd – Men’s barbecue at Nick’s house at 6.30pm. I will be cooking burgers, but please feel free to bring something to contribute if you want to. A chance to get to know each other better!

December 23rd – Open House. Nick & Sam would like to invite the whole church to call in. We are starting at 3pm and will probably watch a family friendly Christmas film at around 6.00pm. Bring a bottle if you would like to.

December 24th  – Christmas Carol Service at 6.00pm. A great time to invite friends!

Christmas Day – No Service.

New Years Day – No Service.


First of all I wanted to say how excited I was about the Thanksgiving Dinner. I guess many of you have been involved for years, but as it was my first, I was excited to see what happened and the impact it made, especially the way that it was appreciated by so many people in the community. It was also really good to see quite a few churches working together – in fact I am already looking forward to the next one. Thank you to everyone who served and contributed… Some of you extremely generously!

Thank you also to those of you who shared testimonies this Sunday, it was great and very encouraging. I’m really keen for the church to hear about what God is doing amongst us. If any of you have exciting testimonies, please tell me or email me, and we can find a good way to share and encourage everyone.


We had an amazing retirement celebration for Marty and there was lots of good fruit – what an amazing day! Last Sunday was Marty’s last ‘formal’ Sunday and he and Elyse are now going to have a couple of weeks away. Obviously there are still going to be a number of ways in which they are involved in the future, but for now it would be great to pray for them over the next few weeks as it’s a big adjustment! Let’s pray for God’s fresh vision and direction, and that they have some fantastic time away.

Let’s also hold Christ the King church in prayer. They are at the beginning of the process of looking for a new pastor as Brian Cox is planning to retire next November. Let’s pray for God’s choice for them.


Some who are celebrating birthdays this month

December 16th – Melene Lockhart

December 20th – Judy Aldana & Mike Denney

December 21st – Linda Weisman

December 28th – Sue Fuller

If you have a December Birthday but I haven’t mentioned you, its probably because your birthday isn’t on the church database… maybe you could let me know for the future.


Sam & I are so thankful for the ways that you have welcomed our family this year and we count it a great privilege to be serving God here. We are excited about the year ahead and sharing in the work of the Kingdom with you. We pray for a wonderful Christmas for all of you.

Much love,

Pastor Nick.

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    • Nick,
      Thank you for putting together this great newsletter!
      Love and blessings,

      Dan Weisman
      November 29, 2016, @ 5:23 am Reply

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