Hi church family, here are a few thoughts and updates for February:


First, I wanted to say how encouraged Sam & I have been the last couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago when we did things quite differently, having the various stations for prayer and ministry, it was so good to see people join in with such enthusiasm, praying for the church, the nation, having some silent time and also receiving prophetic ministry.

Even though many people were a little shy about sharing testimonies publicly this Sunday, a number of people have shared how they really enjoyed it, and met with the Lord. For example, one person said that after asking for prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit, her entire week was filled with a new excitement in fellowship with God and reading the Bible and that she had never felt quite that way before.

We are going to do something similar again in a few weeks’ time.

And then this last Sunday, it was also very encouraging to see so many people abandon their chairs and come to the front to worship. I realize that it takes some of us outside our comfort zone, but it was great to see the passion in worship! Thank you to those who took that step J


Some who are celebrating birthdays this month

February 24th – Cathy Van Dyk

February 4th – Josiah Catley

If you have a February Birthday but I haven’t mentioned you, it’s probably because your birthday isn’t on the church database… maybe you could let me know for the future.


I did talk about this a couple of weeks ago, but in case any of you were away, we are trying a slightly different service order at the moment, starting with an opening song, giving any announcements and taking the offering, moving into the teaching, and then having worship and communion. We want to try this format for a while, because it gives more scope for others being involved in leading and welcoming, and more opportunity for ministry at the end of the service.


I wanted to just make a point of saying how appreciative we are of everyone who serves in the many different ways at church. There are many who come early to get things ready and others who work hard preparing for kids work every week. Lots goes on that doesn’t get seen, thank you!


Last Sunday Kristi mentioned the meal train for Daniel and Estée after the birth of Boaz. If you’d like to prepare a meal for them, please use this link…



I wanted to remind you all of our online giving system. We are thankful for everyone who gives generously to support the church financially, but it’s also true to say that our situation is still a very challenging one indeed. The online giving system is working really well for most people, makes things a little easier to manage for the staff, and a lot of people in the church now use it for automated giving. It’s been in place for quite a few months now and has been totally reliable.

If you have not thought about using it yet, the link is here… http://www.church.govineyard.org/giving


Our focus at the moment is hungering for the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. We are convinced of this fact, that ‘without Him, we can do nothing.’ Can I urge the whole church body to be investing time at home, in the secret place of prayer and worship, crying out to God for a breakthrough. Let us become more desperate for His Presence.

Much love,

Pastor Nick.

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